Grain Marketing Partners

Flexi Grain has entered into a Pool Management Agreement with Lachstock Consulting for the 2017, 2018 & 2019 seasons. Lachstock Consulting were chosen, due to their marketing experience, professionalism, culture and business philosophy. Lachstock's Managing Director Lachie Stevens and Executive Director Tim Glass will be responsible for strategy and execution for Flexi Grain's managed pools. Together Lachie and Tim have 30 years trading experience with time spent as the Global Commodity Trader with Louis Dreyfus, pricing manager of the National Wheat Pool for AWB, Global Head of Commodity Trading with the National Australia Bank (NAB) and the Director of Commodities for NAB. Whilst having personal ties to the land that has given them a true appreciation for the complexities and realities of Australian agriculture.

Lachstock Consulting were engaged due to their past experience and market knowledge
  • FlexiSix
  • FlexiTen
  • FlexiCall
  • FlexiCash

FlexiSix is designed to capture market opportunities during the southern hemisphere harvest and the northern hemisphere post dormancy emergence periods, but finalised before the pressure of northern hemisphere harvest is underway.

FlexiTen is designed to capture market opportunities during southern hemisphere harvest and northern hemisphere post dormancy emergence periods, as well as post-harvest volatility in the northern hemisphere.

FlexiCall is designed to increase a grower's cash-flow at harvest, whilst providing upside participation on the international market until the end of May.

FlexiCash is designed to give growers the ability to sell their grain for cash to markets that they typically don't have access to.