FLEXI GRAIN meets a growing demand from Australian grain growers for a more transparent, trustworthy and independent pool management system.

With so many grain marketing choices available, FLEXI GRAIN now offers another option, one that gives growers access to an Area Based Contract with a clear and well communicated strategy. In fact, Flexi Grain's Area Based Contract is weighted in favour of growers and stacked with benefits as it has been created in conjunction with grower demand​.

Creating grain marketing solutions for Australian grain growers


Flexi Grain was created in 2013 by ​Steve Cameron and Jarrod Tonkin, to service a growing demand from the client base of North West Ag Services and AGRIvision Consultants.

After a successful trial project in 2013 with 39 Victorian Mallee grain producers, Flexi Grain is now offering their Area Based Contract to the wider grain growing community.

​In the three years from conception, Flexi Grain have grown their market share by 1200%, now contracting wheat, barley and canola over three states.  ​

In 2016, Flexi Grain launched their post harvest tonnage contracts, which now gives grain producers access to their pooling strategies outside of the pre harvest Area Based Contract.