2018 Black Sea Crop Tour

In June 2018 Flexi Grain ran the Inaugural Study Tour of the Black Sea Region.  It was an eye opening experience for all who participated in the tour to see the profitability and potential of a region now going head to head with Australia.
The 2018 Tour travelled through both Russia and the Ukraine


The purpose of the tour was to make Australian growers aware of the low cost of production within the Black Sea Region and provide a first-hand experience of the improving quality from this region.

There was a large level of variance in the technology used on farm in each country visited


The highlight of the week in the Ukraine was that the delegation became the largest ever to visit the Ministry of Agriculture, while also visiting NCH Capital (1 million acre operation over 50 farms), two properties managed by Lawrence Richmond ( a Birchip expat), a crushing facility with the capacity to crush up to 1800mt/day owned by Delta Wilmar and the Port of Odessa.

The Flexi Grain led delegation was the largest ever received at the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture


As the group travelled through Russia, they visited the Louis Dreyfus inland port facility at Stavropol, toured many government owned and run farms and spent time sight seeing in Russia.