Our Area Based Contract

Growers choose to contract specific paddocks of wheat, barley and canola to Flexi Grain. The grower will then manage the contracted paddocks through to harvest, as they normally would.  At harvest, the grower delivers the grain produced from the contracted paddocks to the FXG Group.

Once all of the production from the contracted areas has been delivered, Flexi Grain will then transfer the grain to the predetermined grain marketing strategy managed by Flexi Grain in conjunction with Lachstock Consulting​. There ​are ​no tonnage commitments in the contract, as growers are committing to delivering all of the grain grown from the contracted paddocks. It's that simple, the contracted grower delivers all the grain grown, from the contracted area.

Area Based Contract ticks all the boxes

Most other pools simply don't offer the range of benefits to growers that Flexi Grain does. Compare for yourself:

Area Based Contract ?
No risk of washouts ?
Independent marketing advice ?
Proceeds insured ?
Proceeds distributed by trust ?
Transparent communication ?
Agronomic oversight ?
Flexible payment terms with default distributions ?