Flexi Grain Pooling Options

Flexi Grain and Lachstock consulting has in excess of 130 years agriculture experience, including Pool management, Grain Trading, Futures Advisory, Currency Advisory, Agronomy, Analytical, Financial Product Development, Business Management and the physical production of Ag Commodities.

This experience has allowed the creation of four unique pooling products which gives growers the ability to protect price from as early as the date of seeding:

  • FlexiProtect
  • FlexiFive
  • FlexiTen
  • FlexiCall


FlexiProtect can protect against downside risk via a Put Option strategy, while also providing participants with upside participation if the market rises. FlexiProtect protects your grain from downside movements, with zero risk of washouts, which has been proven to be a great pool prior to having production certainty.

The cost of FlexiProtect will be determined at the time of grower participation.


FlexiCall is designed to increase a grower’s cashflow at harvest, while providing upside participation on the international market. The period of upside participation is dependent on the Call Options that are purchased by the Pool Manager.

Rather than carrying your grain, Flexi Grain will sell it at or near harvest, locking in a floor price and saving you storage fees. With the money saved on storage fees, a call option is purchased, providing upside participation with no downside risk, unlike carrying unhedged grain. The Call option strategy is live during the post dormancy volatility period in the Northern Hemisphere, which provides participation for the grower if the market rallies prior to expiration of the call option.



FlexiFive is designed to capture market opportunities during the Southern Hemisphere harvest, and the Northern Hemisphere post dormancy emergence periods, but is finalised before the pressure of the Northern Hemisphere harvest is underway.

Sales methods used can include, but are not limited to the use of; futures; options; over the counter (OTC) derivatives; forward sales; track sales; delivered sales; and stock swaps.



The aim of FlexiTen is to capture market opportunities during the Southern Hemisphere harvest and Northern Hemisphere post dormancy emergence periods, as well as pre-harvest volatility in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sales methods used can include, but are not limited to the use of; futures; options; over the counter (OTC) derivatives; forward sales; track sales; delivered sales; and stock swaps.